Welcome to INfant and Child Health Lab (INCH)

Welcome to the Infant and Child Health (INCH) lab! We are a group of dedicated individuals conducting research focusing on children’s mental and physical health.

Our major studies focus on assessing child development through screening tools and tracking coordination and motor development in children over time. We are also very excited to be broadening our research in the areas of physical literacy, physical activity, and cognitive functioning.

Our lab has made significant contributions to health research and the understanding of different areas of child development, especially motor coordination and development. The results from our studies are used daily by healthcare practitioners, parents and caregivers.




      Purpose and goals

  • Conduct research focusing on the mental and physical health of infants and children

  • Provide excellent research and training opportunities for students

  • Collaborate with other researchers and institutions to make significant contributions to health research pertaining to children

  • Understand child development in clinical- and community-based populations

  • Foster a warm and inviting environment for children and families participating in research studies